Your elevator makes a statement.

What does it say about your property?

Looking up

Ceilings provide your elevator lighting. Many options are available. NCIS can offer a solution that fits your budget, service needs, and personal preferences. 


Above: World Center Marriott, Orlando, FL

Wall to wall

The wall finishes available are limited only by your imagination. We can guide you through the process of making a selection, which can prove difficult. We have had experience with many different properties and can offer suggestions that would be an ideal fit for your property. 


Above: World Center Marriott, Orlando, FL

All or a la carte

Sometimes you don't need the whole ball of wax. We can offer economical repair or replacement options that will not break the bank. 


Above: World Center Marriott, Orlando, FL

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All products are sourced right here in the USA.

We refuse to use inferior products that either don't meet building codes or our stringent standards. An elevator is a public conveyance. We employ products that would never compromise the safety and security of the occupants of your elevator. 


Left: World Center Marriott, Orlando, FL